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New issues on Lazaros give Olympiacos the edge


The hearing of AEK’s case against Greece winger Lazaros Christodoulopoulos and OIympiacos at the federation’s financial disputes committee has been postponed till Monday 23 July on new developments.

The first new element concerns the fact that AEK have not yet submitted to the Super League a contract with the footballer, that they claim to possess, and have to present at the committee for their recourse not to be rejected as unacceptable.

The second is that Olympiacos have also filed a case against AEK for the same story, and the two will have to be heard together.

A third matter concerns the intervention by the association of professional footballers of Greece (PSAP) in favour of Christodoulopoulos, asking for AEK’s case to be rejected.

Christodoulopoulos agreed late this spring to quit AEK and join Olympiacos although the Yellows claim to have a contract signed by the player and have now taken the case to the federation asking for a heavy penalty on the player and on Olympiacos.

Olympiacos’s side claimed on Monday that the hearing would have to be postponed until after AEK has submitted the reported contract, stressing that this has to be done before the process begins, for the two sides to be fully informed.

AEK, for its part, appeared inclined to accept the postponement of the hearing, even though the committee did not put any pressure on AEK to submit the contract, saying it was not its jurisdiction.

It is therefore clear that if the contract is presented next Monday Olympiacos will ask for another postponement to examine the document, while if this is not presented at all, AEK’s case will be rejected.

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